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Ripped Designer Jeans for Sale


About US

RB20Denim, INC  was created with one goal in mind, to combine innovative style with comfort. Take a step and think for a minute. Typically, your most comfortable pair of jeans (you know the one you wear almost everywhere) is never your most eye catching pair. For too long, comfort has not been associated with ultimate style. At RB20Denim, we have successfully changed that narrative.




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Style is something you should never compromise on. You want to put your best foot forward every time you leave your home, and RB20Denim, Inc, is here to help you with that goal. We have a wide selection of ripped designer jeans for you to choose from so that you look and feel amazing each time you step out the door.

Our Jeans

Our goal is to blend style, innovation, and comfort. We want each and every one of our customers to find jeans that fit their bodies and personalities perfectly. Each of our slim fit ripped designer jeans is artfully ripped and patched to show off your style. We have a few different collections for you to choose from, including:


  • Denim XX

  • Denim XXI   

  • Denim XXII    

  • Denim II Tone Blue    

  • Denim II Tone Black    


Do you want zippers at the knee with earth-toned patterns in the rips? Or what about simple rips and tears with camouflaged patterns in the holes? If you want a more minimalist style, the Denim II Tone Black collection consists of black jeans with artfully placed colors and patterns, such as on the upturned cuffs and above the knee. Whatever you want, we’re confident that we have a style for you.

Take a look at our collections to see each of our options, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the form if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you quickly.

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